Does your company sell to other companies or the government?

Business owners that sell to others organizations and/or Government agencies need to know the savings offered when processing b2b level III credit cards. "We have clients saving $850.00 per $100,000.00 of business processed per month!" stated Dave Proy, owner of the Dave Proy Agency Sandusky, OH. "This has meant savings of over $4000.00 a month for those companies doing $500,000.00 in volume."

Now you can reduce your cost to process that sale by up to 33% or more.

In the past, it was cumbersome to have sales qualify for Level III rates. A complicated computer program was required and the setup was expensive and it took extra work when processing the sale. But recently, a new, simplified program has been introduced to the market. It's easy to use and automatically adds the additional required information to qualify the sale. Plus the start-up costs are less than the average 1st month's savings.

"It's less than 2 days from application to implementation to the start of savings" stated Proy, "making the conversion quick and easy, since the training can be completed in about an hour."

As you can see, your company can be saving big money in a matter of days. An application for service, an hour of training, and a few hundred dollars... Your company can be saving thousands of dollars a month! Some things ARE too good to be true, but the reality of this program are real savings that are too much to pass up"!

To find out if a company qualifies for this program, they can simply fax a statement from their present credit card processor to 877-828-3830 or email to The information on the statement can show the type of sales the company is processing. With this information, the Proy Agency can see if the transactions would qualify for the program and provide an estaminet of the savings.

Mr. Proy concluded: "With today's business environment, every dollar is important. A phone call, fax or email can save the company thousands of dollars a year. Why would a company not investigate these possible savings?"

Dave Proy is a 12 year veteran in the card payment industry and can be reached at