New easy to use & affordable software package opens the savings of B2B & Level III credit card processing to every business selling to other businesses & to the government!

Your business can recover the start up costs from the savings in the first month! New software packages on the market today have reduced the start up cost from several thousands of dollars to several hundred. They have taken what was once a long learning curve and complicated process to an easy to use system. Fact is, that with about an hour training session, you and your staff will be up and running and the savings begin.

The new software can use the data that you input now and add the needed information automatically. It eliminates invoicing and the delay in receiving your funds. Money is received in 24 to 48 hours. So less work, faster payments with less hassle. How about the fact that it can reduce or eliminate accounts receivable issues too!

The savings are substantial. They average $800 to $1000 per $100,000 of volume. These are dollars that you are spending on a service that can be used for more staff, equipment, or just added to the bottom line.

Isn't it time you moved your company to this system? Isn't time for you to get paid faster, keep more of your money and save labor costs while providing this payment convenience to your customer base?

Dave Proy is a 12 year veteran in the card payment industry and can be reached at